SMS Audio by 50 Cent vs. Beats by Dre

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by florin


Beats can collapse/fold up which is a big plus for me and they have a smaller carrying case with a hook thats cool where as syncs dont collapse and have a bigger carrying case with a weird but good handle. Sounds Like Beats win this category .......... BUT the wireless feature on the Sync's give them the ultimate portability, its sweet af without the wires, i can walk around the house and everything its sweet trust me. I dunno how many times ive ripped out the wire on Beats it can be annoying af, you dont get that with Sync's therefore Sync's get the point for this category. (I will give Beats a half point as they fold up and have a smaller carrying case)


Sync's have a very good design, they look hot you cant deny that. Beats design is good too the black/red, brushed metal is hot and the Beats By Dre across the headband is sweet its looks better than the SMS Audio on the Sync's but compared to the Sync's the overall design is not as nice. The Sync look flashy and thats when the blue LED in the "S" is turned off, the flashing blue light is class. Sync design is alot better so Sync's win here.


Beats are notorious for snapping, that musta sucked big time. Syncs are un-breakable, you can bend em and twist em as much as you want, they will not snap. That was one of the coolest thing bout Syncs, they win here.


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  • sms with star wars, I have been converted
    by [Guest] 4 months ago, for left side
  • beats by dre rule and are better all you have to do is by wireless or get a recharge that recharges batteries without getting new ones and beats came out first and have a lot of developers, so what do you have to say now sms audio
    by [Guest] last year, for right side -18
  • Beats
    by [Guest] last year, for both sides -2
  • Beats uses AAA batteries, you will go though a truck full of batteries using Beats i highly reccomend getting rechargable batteries for them, saved me a small fortune. Sync's have a built in rechargable battery in the headphones and the wireless dongle that you charge with a micro USB cable from your laptop or the power supply that comes with them and if the battery does die just plug in the audio cable supplied and off you go, Sync's win.
    by [Guest] 2 years ago, for both sides 13
  • That's a good look for SMS Audio!
    by [Guest] 2 years ago, for both sides 50
  • 50
    by [Guest] 2 years ago, for left side 50